I Cannot Remember...

Hey Mommas! Hear me out on this one and please tell me I am not alone.

Today, my precious 4 year old got in trouble which resulted in time out. It was in the middle of me prepping lunch while also trying to think ahead (whats for dinner?, did I place my Wal-Mart order?, was that the laundry that just went off?, oh great Nolan just spilled his water.) I was so wrapped up and focused on all my thoughts that I truly forgot why he even got in trouble.

When my children get in trouble and have to go to timeout, we sit them down afterwards and have a "talk". I usually try to make it short + sweet but also throw in a little learning lesson! Well today, we couldn't even have the "talk" because I forgot why he was in trouble in the first place.

Anybody else feel me on this one!?

I laughed at myself a little bit and some time later God whispered a little hint in my ear...

Saying... that's what I do to you too... I can forget and let it go...

Lamentations says it so well...

Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassion's never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

This verse frees me so much, and yet I still struggle with remembering that his mercies are new every morning. Oh how wonderful it is that my creator can give me a fresh start each morning... but I'm not so easy to give my toddler a fresh start... or even my husband.

Praise be to God for his perfect example.

I've always loved morning time. There is something that gets me about fresh coffee brewing, that dewey/humid smell, cool morning feel, and just a fresh start. I LOVE MORNING TIME. My love for mornings really grew when I became a Momma. There is something about becoming a Mom that literally forces you to get rid of former thougths/ways. It's totally a God thing too. He does this pruning to our lives because our children are our fruit and our prize. He wants them to witness Godly, loving Mommas. I believe to do that he has to get rid of some things.

I still haven't "made it".

The thing that I have realized about mornings is that God literally gives me a blank sheet of paper, he gives me a fresh start, he starts the time clock over, and he makes all things new for me. I get another chance and another day to have my boys at home and aim to be a Momma who sets my standards on Jesus. I am so grateful that God can literally rewire my thoughts over night and give me a fresh new start every morning. I don't know about you but some nights I can go to bed feeling exhausted and defeated.

Just like me forgetting what my child got in trouble for, it is also freeing for me to know that my creator doesn't hold my mistakes above my head... even if I felt like I messed this whole parenting thing up! I'm still learning but if there is one thing I am beginning to notice is that my perspective changes everything. My precious friend and mentor said,

"You don't HAVE to, but you GET to".

I need this tattooed all over my body so I don't forget that being a Momma to Kam + Nolan is a GET to opportunity. So tonight when I shut off my computer I plan on praying a prayer for my momma friends who need a fresh start tomorrow. Like when the baby starts crying and wakes you up, and when that toddler wakes up a few hours too early, or when that teen is still up playing that video game. I'll be praying you have an opportunity to refresh yourself physically (like maybe, actually getting to take a peaceful, uninterrupted, shower) and then spiritually (like sitting with your Heavenly Father and letting him fill you up). As always, please feel free to message me your personal prayer request so that I can join with you in prayer!


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